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Selective harmonic elimination method is one of the most extensively used methods in medium and high voltage application. The nonlinear transcendental trigonometric Selective harmonic elimination equations are very highly nonlinear character in multilevel inverter, so it is very difficult to solve and find the switching angles at exact value of modulation indices with less THD. This paper presents the performance and comparative study of Newton Raphson optimization technique with new optimization technique such as Bio geographical based optimization (BBO) method to solve the Selective harmonic elimination equation with different modulation indices. The proposed method is applied to a single phase 31 level Cascaded Multilevel Inverter and tested with different modulation index to find the switching angles. SIMULINK model has been developed to analyze the both optimization methods. A 5kW solar photo voltaic power plant has been designed and implemented with 31 levels Cascaded Multilevel Inverter with the SHEPWM algorithm. From the analysis the proposed optimization method produces only THD level at 2.30%.

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[1] Dr.Muruganandam M, Phd, Dr.Muruganandam M, Phd, IBRI College of Technology
[2] Dr.Thangaraju Iyyanar I, Phd, Dr.Thangaraju Iyyanar I, Phd, government college of engineering Barugur