Core Subjects

Electrical machines and drives


Digital appliances

Power electronics

Motion control hardware and software

Electrical technologies

Power electrical circuits

Industrial process control

Electromagnetic compatibility

Devices and systems

Industrial electrical power systems



Automotive electronics

EE education issues

Our Scope

JEE continues the prestigious "Scientific Bulletin" of University "POLITEHNICA", electrotehnical section, but in electronic form. It also aims to become a fully international archival journal.

All operations will be done through INTERNET (paperless).

JEE is published in 4 volumes per year: March, June, September and December.

Its scope includes all issues of widespread generic interest to engineers who work in the field of electrical engineering. By electrical engineering we mean industrial and home uses of electricity.

The prospective authors are expected to submit three types of papers:

  • invited review papers;
  • technical papers;
  • letters to the editor.

Technical papers should contain new theoretical and test (implementation) results in rather detailed fashion. Letters to the editor are short papers, reporting work in progress.

Though JEE accepts direct paper proposals, it prefers papers already presented at International Conferences.

We expect papers from both academia and industry, as due to its free access on INTERNET, a large audience may visit this new virtual journal.

The international Editorial Board will review papers within 3 to 6 months from the receival and the authors will be notified on the outcome.

References to Your Electronic Journal Instruct authors to include the following information when citing your e-journal:

  • Journal title (uses one standard abbreviation for your journal; avoid acronyms that may be confused with other titles)
  • Volume number (if applicable) - Issue Number (if applicable; within parenthesis)
  • Page number and/or article number (clearly identifying the article number as such) - Year of publication
  • Year of publication