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Anupam Kumar
Abdul Hamid Bhat
Pramod Agarwal


In this paper real time performance investigation of Dual active bridge (DAB) (300:100,2 KVA) converter with Extended Phase Shift (EPS) is done with storage element (battery) at the low voltage (LV) DC-bus and solar photovoltaic cell on the high voltage (HV) DC- bus .Linear Load connected at the HV bus is supplied from the source and when the load demand increases storage element (battery) discharges through the DAB and energy flows from the LV bus to the HV bus via the DAB. Dual Active Bridge is operated in Extended Phase Shift (EPS) mode. A closed loop controller having load voltage as target variable is used for providing the required outer phase shift between the H-bridges. Main contributions of this work are real time performance investigation of DAB for bidirectional flow of power, closed loop operation of DAB and its real time evaluation and obtaining the optimum duty ratio through the controller. State of charge, battery voltage and battery current are obtained. DAB waveforms (Primary voltage, Secondary Voltage, Inductor current and voltage) are also obtained. Simulation studies for the above mentioned system is carried out in MATLAB and are aptly verified with real time simulation results obtained through OPAL-RT.

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