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Ashraf A. Hagras
Sherif Zaid
Ahmed Alaa Elkousy
Shokry M. Saad


In this paper, new adaptive current control technique was proposed for three phase shunt active power filter (SAPF) using Motorola DSP56F807. This control method based on sensing the reference supply current from the DC capacitor voltage and current control based on employing new version of the inverter model using the difference equations to generate the switching state functions for the inverter. This paper presents comparison between the current control employing the inverter model or constant gain of the reference filter current to show its effectiveness in eliminating the harmonics. The program of this method was elaborated by the assembly language of DSP56F807. The simple algorithm was able to reduce the cost of the system and complexity of the control circuitry. The proposed system was implemented and tested experimentally. The experimental results show the excellent performance of the proposed system and its adaptive capability to compensate parameters uncertainties, frequency variations and step load change.

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